Monday, January 24, 2011

Patagonia Gets It

These are some pictures (Swiped from The Adventure Journal) from Patagonia's Fall 2011 line. Great colors and great styles. Retro and modern. Good and damn good. Patagonia gets their demographic, because they are their demographic. While waiting for these styles to hit the catalogs, stock up on stand up shorts and A/C shirts for summer.
(This one will set you back $500)

(I've already put the money aside for this one)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Daily Bike

Steve Casimiro runs a great outdoor blog, aptly named 'Adventure Journal'. It's full of great pieces on travel, ski, gear, the environment, and more. By far my favorite series is 'The Daily Bike' where (Almost) every day Steve posts a great shot of a bike, whether it be cycle cross, tour de France, mountain bikers, or just commuters. Here's a few of my favorite selections. Once you're done go, look and while your there read all the other great articles. All credit to Mr. Casimiro for finding these great shots.