Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Belt

I'll take a minute here to talk about a newly acquired staple to my Spring/Summer wardrobe.

I got a 38mm Crescent Slider Belt from Bison Designs a few weeks ago. Great belt and a major step up from my previous Bison belt acquired in 5th grade. I will now proceed to gush about it.

One of my favorite details is how if fits perfectly into the belt loop of my stand up shorts. The old belt was right in between the two loops.

Great looking buckle design, very hardy looking.

And yes, made proudly in the USA. Great belt, and fro $15 i strongly suggest you get yourself on in any color or pattern you fancy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why I Love The New South - Style

I've been feeling very southern of late. So I've decided to compile a list of the things that make me proud to call this region my home. There are quite a few reasons so I'll split them up into separate posts. Here's the first of the series, 'Style'. Since it's my blog I decided I would start it off with a few pictures of my take on southern style.

(This individual will be expanded more upon in 'The Arts'.)

(Brooks Brothers)

(Style even extends to disc golf for some.)

(You might recognize this North Carolina band.)

(A Trip Down South showing great taste in mixing prep with southern.)

(Ewan McGregor in Big Fish.)

(Last five from Billy Reid, the design king of the New South.)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yosemite Horsetail Fall

Yosemite National Park puts out a series of videos called Yosemite Nature Notes. These serve as a great insiders look at the park and the amazing things happening there. This video is about Horsetail Fall, a seasonal waterfall fed by snow met. While the waterfall is beautiful and spectacular in itself it's truly beautiful when the evening light catches only the water and makes it seem to glow orange like in this famous picture by Galen Rowell.

Pictures like this make me want to get back out west with a camera or two in hand to see what beauty I can capture. For another amazing Yosemite natural occurrence check out the near mythical 'Moon-bow' over at The Adventure Journal.