Friday, November 25, 2011




Hardaway-Whitworth Hounds

Mount Vernon

Clear-cut in Mississippi

Pipes in Rome






Watch this great video, "Sin Represas" or "Without Dams", put together by Patagonia about Chile's proposed dams in the heart of patagonia. The video ends with the reminder that the best way to save our recourses is to visit. I wish it were that simple.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


In honor of a very special video game, I decided to create a post with all of my favorite viking/nordic/medieval things. You'll excuse me if I miss my nerdier metal days as my family does hail from Sweden. This sunday I'm going to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival in Hammond, LA, a yearly tradition of my family. A good source of medieval, viking, and other period costumes is Medieval Collectables.

Beowulf: The Script Book, much better than the movie and the commentary by Neil Gaiman is great.

The Secret of Kells

Amon Amarth

Lego Viking Chess

The Hobbit movie is coming out soon. Check out this production video of the official blog.

I remember seeing this on Sundance a while ago. Until the Light Takes Us is a really interesting documentary about the rise of Black Metal and the attrocities attributed to it in Norway.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I just listened to a great story about the Boundary Rock over at CBC Radio. The search for the fabled rock, lost for over 100 years, is documented in on the CBC's In the Field program, give it a listen and find out where the rock went. (VIA Cold Splinters)

(Looking through pictures of the Tobeatic Wilderness on Flicker makes me itch for some time outdoors.)