Monday, September 19, 2011

Shopping Spree - Cabela's

Shopping spree at Cabela's, my Grandpa's dream. Pretty nice selection to choose from in the blaze or camo color schemes. I chose orange.

Pack - Kelty Red Cloud
Knife - Bear & Son Cutlery(Some really amazing knives over at their website.)
Vest - Waxed Cotton Goose Down
Shirt - Blaze Upland Shirt
Belt - Carhartt Anvil
Pants - Cabela's Briarguard
Socks - Smartwool Medium Hiker (Previously)
Boots - Irish Setter 9" Wingshooter

(Orange is better....)

Little Piece of Gold

Found this treasure at Treasure Hunt after a fire sale. Reminds me of Cold Splinters.

(They look so young and friendly)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Land Rover Defender

Some pictures of my mom's 1991 Land Rover Defender. Amazing SUV, couldn't ask for a cooler car. I usually drive a truck, but I trade for this at any chance.

(Left hand drive, AND left hand ignition)

(For getting lost)

(4 side facing bench seats in the rear)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Patagonia - Powered by eBay

Nice feature I noticed today on Patagonia's website. It lets users auction their used PataBROnia gear on their site. Sounds like a great idea, their clothes last forever and hopefully you can score some price cuts. (Seriously, $600. Where's my sponsorship?)