Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shopping Spree - J Crew

How about a shopping spree from J Crew to get you ready for Christmas! I have all of these garments (of variations there-of) so this is almost a uniform look for me. The notable exception being the vest, never been big on them before but I liked the look of this one.

Hat - Saint James watch cap (For the Zizou vibe)
Vest - Crescent Down Works, North by Northwest vest (There's a very narrow cold front sweeping through the nation...)
Sweater - Enfield sweater
Shirt - Broken-In crewneck (Easily substituted for a good ol' Hanes)
Belt - BillyKirk small buckle belt
Jeans - Levi's 501
Socks - Marled socks
Shoes - Suede MacAlister boots (Cheating, but I would still choose my Clarks desert boots over these)

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