Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Name, Part 3

Part 3 in the story of how I got the name. Part 1 and 2 are found Here and Here

5 o'Clock is very early for a 5th grader. 5 o'Clock is too early to eat, too early to talk, and too early to hike for a 5th grader. These arguments had absolutely no pull on the parents and teachers. We were at the trail head for Blood Mountain at 5:30 (Still no better). As we divided into groups however, we all seem to start waking up and feel the floods of excitement, waves of intrigue, and ripples of anxiety flow throughout our minds and bodies. My response, naturally, was to goof off. I started shambling around the parking lot like an old man, pantomiming a walker and a crooked back.

There it is, anticlimactic, but the story is not over yet. We still faced the 5.4 miles up and over Blood Mountain. We started, again running up the trail as if it were disappearing behind us. As we neared the top our anticipation mounted. I expected to burst through the thick April vegetation to the top of the mountain. Finally the moment came around noon, we entered onto a exposed piece of granite with a view 360 degrees of the surrounding wilderness. After marveling at the view, we ate lunch and explored the shelter. We could have stayed for days, but eventually the time came to head back down the mountain.

As we walked down I would like to say I thought of the view, the experience, the feeling of pure freedom, but I'm sure my thoughts were on my feet and stomach. Later that night, we went through our naming ceremony. We were each called up, presented our name and blessed in a traditional Native American ceremony. Most of the nicknames were funny. My friend dreux was 'Dreuxbo baggins' because of his shoe-less-ness in camp and short stature, Bradford was 'Model T-Ford' because 'He never stopped trucking' and Joseph was 'Caregiver' for his ever ready supply of band-aids and medical supplies.

This trip is one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I'm so glad it has affected me in such a positive way. (Plus I got the coolest trail name)

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