Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Inspiration Board

My family loves Halloween. We all love dressing up, making decorations, divulging in the scariest books and movies. Here's some pictures I took and found that made me excited for Halloween. This year I'm thinking of going in a victorian/steampunk outfit.

(Pictures from my Mom's recent trip to Kensington Palace)

(Our Halloween decorations)

(Tableware from Blackbird)

(I Sell The Dead)

(Fox ring on Etsy)

(The Decemberists, New album soon!)

(Gangs of New York)


(The Wolfman. Bad plot, great settings and costumes)

(Scottish castles, pictures taken on our last trip)

(Yours truely)

(Who's got their midnight tickets?)

And some music to go with it.

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