Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shopping Spree - Blackbird

Continuing the theme of 'If I were rich and needed to spend some money' is a shopping spree at Blackbird. This look kind of goes together in a Colorado-Utah college professor kind of way.

Hat - Pendleton Timberline Cap
Coat - Pendleton Chaparral Coat
Shirt - Penny Stock Chambray Striped Shirt (And affordable too!)
Bowtie - B14 Dark Floral
Belt - Tanner Skinny Mahogany
Jeans - Blackbird Hazlewood Jean
Boots - Wolverine 1000 Mile (Pretty steep on the price, I think I'll stick to my Clarks desert boots until those lottery tickets start to pay out big)
Cup - Blackbird Field House Mug

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