Monday, May 30, 2011

Buffalo and Company

Buffalo and Company is a conservation advocate, a history lesson, and an amazing heritage men's collection rolled into one store.

"We thought we could build the company by word of mouth. Not by big money or huge marketing campaigns with flashy models. We didn't have the big money anyways. But we would do it honestly and organically. If it worked, it would be because people believed in it, not because we created a trend with fake models and trendy designers. A movement of sorts. Through people who believed this was important too. The ideas of hard work, honest values, classic styles, and a little rugged feel."

With such a motto of manliness who could resist a deeper look at such an intriguing brand?

In their conservation tab you learn about this company's unique approach to it's business model and it's dedication to preserving our environment.

(R.E.L. Bow Tie? Christmas-birthday-kwansa-anything-pleeeeeeeaaaaassseeee?!)

The history element is obvious browsing through their wares and website. All the shirts and ties are named after historical greats from Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Lee alike.

While the conservation and historical figures are enough for me to fall in love with this company, the great styles, blends of heritage and modern designs, and inexpensive prices solidify this as a quality brand that I will keep my eye on for years to come. The prices rival and easily beat most competing heritage brands.

(Just look at the beautiful texture on the 'Old Hickory Belt'.)

Buy from this great brand HERE.

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